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A made-up but seemingly real phenomenon in where some tasteless, generic media or physical item (be it music, tv, literature etc.) which achieves way more attention and profits than which it deserves. It stays at the forefront of media attention from a mere 2 days (not so much a problem) all the way through several decades (major annoyance). This syndrome gets its' name from the fact that most modern mainstream media seems to hypnotise a large percentage of the population into becoming their slaves/army, often shooting way out of their target demographics. Over the past 5 decades, this syndrome has become more and more apparent, eventually leading to conflicting media/physical items and online wars that no-one cares about. Now, this power can either be used for bad, malicious, world controlling purposes such as Justin Bieber and Call of Duty or good, constructive development such as Minecraft and Gangnam Style.

It is currently unknown how people and corporations utilise this formula, but love/relationships are somehow involved in every single one. (Justin Bieber's songs, Avatar's romance, most Nick/Disney programs, a certain former little girl's cartoon that involves horses' current generation etc. Even small, obscure references to love such as Tetris' love heart in the high score screen can count. Another possible factor is that following its' popularity, metric fucktons of merchandise are produced, all the way from keychains to butt plugs.
1. Oh my god, did you see Justin Bieber last night? He totally hypnotised us with his bad voice and Canadian beaver teeth. I'll go buy 20 of his custom brand dildos for absolutely no reason!
- Belieber

2. The so-called Mainstream Hypnosis Syndrome is a lie! A dirty, filthy lie! We craft our products with heart and soul and totally no brainwashing, whatever that is, isn't that right Mr. errr, Snrub?
- Record Labels

3. Out now! New Twilight sanitary pads! Feed Edward Cullen's current blood addiction whilst you scream in agonising pain after failing to make it to the toilet in time. Buy ASAP! Call 1-800-GOFUCKYOURSELF to order!
- Merchandising companies
by AlexGRFan97 November 10, 2012
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