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4 girl + girl = (No Homo) ur main main is ur bestie.. The 1 friend u can relate 2 on so many levels, u can talk 2 bout anything, u will always b there 4 her as she will 4 u.

4 girl + boy or boy + girl = (g+b) ur only man till u move on to the next. (b+g) the main chick u mess w/ not a side chick, usually baby momma or wife is main main.
(g+g) I'd be lost w/o my main main, she keep me from going insane
(g+b) he used to be my main main now my new man my main main
(b+g) my wife my main main and I see Kayla on the side cuz she easy
by hoodrichbitch December 30, 2014
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