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She's the best person that you can ever meet. Try to be her friend because she's honest, friendly, intelligent, beautiful, cute, etc. There is nothing that she can't do.
A beautiful and loving women. Would be a very kind mother and would risk anything for her child. Cares about other people other than herself.
the hottest girl...beautiful and pretty...very lovely...boy crazy....
She is passionate and brave. She is tender hearted but strong. Mahla can brighten up any cloudy day and warm any cold soul though her grace from the heavens. Her presents can be seen and felt throuhout the galaxy and she is also considered the biggest and brightest star in our solar system. Unrivialed as the most vivid beautiful creation, one should never take her unconditional warm touch for granted.
Mahlā : beautiful ,honest, lovely mother, kind , intellegent
by BILLBOW August 18, 2018
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Beauty,like a moon and so cute and lovely

If u first saw her u can’t forget about her
She is magical like a unicorn

F*ck haters
I was so happy when I saw mahla
by Ponk unicorn August 17, 2018
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A person with the ability to remain visible
mahla: hi
bec: hi you must be a mahla
mahla: how did you know that
bec: cause i can see you
by maria de costa October 26, 2008
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