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Mahemniha. (noun, pronoun). 1.An extremely 'special', as in mental girl who is so clueless and yet kind of dumpy and hot. 2. The name of a fictional girl from suburban slang in the Milpitas area. 3.Any dumpy yet suggestively easy to score with chick of similar mental capacity, not quite mental but not too bright, who you could actually score with, and given enough beer, you might. 4. Garbled name for the first Tac dummy model (sex doll made of laundry) .
Buzz. That girl over there looks like a Mahemniha.
Jack. A what?
Buzz. You know, like you could use her as a sex doll and she's not all there so she won't mind.

Jack. Little commitment.
Buzz. Nice. Well committed, yes. One night only. Offer is limited.
by sockysuckytaynt June 19, 2011
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