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1) When a magician cannot perform magic.
2) Place in Earthbound
1) That magician said he's the best one ever, but then he went into an Magican't!
2) Traversing through Magicant is hard.
by Verdigris May 27, 2016
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Earthbound Zero/Mother: Queen Mary's subconcience

Earthbound/Mother 2: Ness's subconcience
Earthbound Zero/Mother: In magicant everyone is your friend.

Earthbound/Mother2: Magicant was born from your mind and all of your thoughts of good, evil, beauty, and sorrow.
by Earthbound Espeon May 14, 2003
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From a portmanteu of Magician and Can't. A practitioner of Clear Magic (illusion stage magic) that bungles every trick or isn't good with crowds.
Did you see that Magicant? He said he was going to pull a rabbit out of his hat but pulled out a bunch of rotten chicken eggs instead.
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