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MagicalPuffy is a maplestory character of Bera.

She is nearly a bishop; Very well known with PepperChan.
PepperChan is also from Bera, an Arch Mage of Ice and Lightning.

MagicalPuffy is beautiful, and her name is Lily.
Lily is sweet, has a charming smile, has the most amazing personality in the world, and is very kind. She's generous, though she can be dangerous: Her temper may be lethal at times. Lily, or Illy, is short for Ileana.

Lily is strong and tough, but sometimes can have her sensitive times, and needs the strong, persistent upbringing from PepperChan, or Alice. Alice proves constantly how worth Lily is, and how amazing she is. MagicalPuffy is the rightful fiancee to Adam Young.

MagicalPuffy is also from Broa?
guy 1: Dude, do you know MagicalPuffy and PepperChan? They're some cool dudes.
guy 2: Yeah, I know 'em. PepperChan chewed me out!
guy 3: MagicalPuffy likes owl city.
Guy 1,2,&3: They're wicked.
by Amazinghotsauce October 23, 2011
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