A perfect being, beautiful brown eyes and brown hair that shines. Has the voice of an angel and can make anyone cry of feels. Amazing person who loves everything and everyone. Only ever thinks of others. Adam Young is Owl City.

Adam Young is also known as Flames Pond and Rick.
Wow, he sure is an Adam Young
Do you see that Adam Young?
by Flames Pond December 24, 2012
The best singer and musician ever. Also see Owl City.
Hey, did you hear that awesome song by Adam Young?
by Hinoke March 20, 2009
A synth-pop artist who makes music under the name of Owl City (among other names), Adam enjoys late nights on the internet and long walks to Isengard. A true Minnesotan, he is a honorary member of the Guardians of Ga'hoole and likes pizza and metal. Ice cream sandwiches are his best friend, and he loves his hootowls.
Owl City is not a band; Owl City is Adam Young.
by John Wayne Pizza Party May 15, 2011