the name given to junior grimes since he’s a dancer and ex male stripper. Magic J is his stripper name.

aka “Dirty Darnell” , junior grimes is known for being a male stripper as he became one to help him survive through college when he was broke and bored.

Magic J is the hottest piece of ass you’ll ever see, the way that white boi J moves is like that of a sex god, one must never underestimate the moves of junior grimes aka “Magic J”

Magic J is possibly a twist on the title “magic mike” but since this is J grimes we’re talking about then it’s appropriate to call him magic J

Magic J: *enters room*

Woman: wooo! Magic J! Take off your shirt let’s see dem abs! *drools*

Magic J: *takes off shirt and pants*

Girl 1: *wets panties*

Magic J: yea I got it locked down! Check this

*proceeds to bust a move*


Magic J is the stripper name for Junior grimes (junior the egomaniac)
by Reggie capers December 4, 2021
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