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used when a football player has an injury. The player goes down, acts like its the worst thing to happen to them ever and they're going to die, then the physio sprays some "magic water" on their leg or whatever, then they're instantly all better and able to play again.
did you see the game yesterday?

yeah, that injury was a joke. got tapped on the ankle, went down like he'd broken his leg or was guna die or something, got some magic water and was mystically healed.
by Natasha White May 04, 2007
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A slang word for vodka because vokda looks like water but is magical
dude hit me up with some of that "magic water"
by NEB man February 23, 2010
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The shittiest water park in Cherry Valley (near Rockford) Actually the shittiest waterpark in the world. Working there sucks more than attending.

Filled with Mexicans, all the time. Sometimes they are clothed, sometimes wearing swimsuits.
I just took a Magic Waters dump.
by Johnny Benjamin April 16, 2009
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