whole herb, weed, mary j, ganja-basically still attached to the stem and full of life. its so fresh that you need to smoke that shit on the double!

**not a flower that you look at or showplace on your dinner table, its not magical 'FLOUR' becuse it is not in powder form yet...or ever will be
Aly and Cat enjoy picking magical flowers for their picnics.
by Little One November 16, 2005
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the green magical peace flower is well know to all us happy people who cant stop laghing we we smoke it it looks like a flower but is actually a plant a.k.a. weed you know the good stuff also smoked on our national holiday 4:20
whats that smell oh mom its the green magical peace flower dont you know were trying to help the earth. dont be such a hypocrit
by feed your head June 1, 2005
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Slang for marijuana. Normally slang for a medicinal usage of the plant.
"I've gotta get some magic flower for this headache, man."
by _tac0 October 29, 2015
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