Magdi phobia is the fear of a lot of Magdi surrounding you. This case has been (supposedly) identified by the famous Egyptian man named Magdi Yacoub. Magdiphobia is very much despised by the Magdis since it backfires on them all the time. Magdiphobia can be cured, though many people believe otherwise, in a very simple manner. The man/women/someothergender/magdi needs to goto the highest peak of magdi land and find a man named shahidi, that man can then say the specific words required to cure Magdiphobia. The words are know to be, "no u".
Jonathan : "Ayy, why you actin' so weird"

Katie: "I suffer from Magdiphobia, thus I am afraid and seem weird to you at the moment"

Jonathan: "gatchya giirrrl, heh heh, wachya doin' tonight. "
by GeraldHilter February 06, 2019
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