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A condition characterized by an overwhelming sense of paranoia at having one's back exposed or unprotected; The person who sits in the back of the class, or the back of the restaurant, or in the corner, like a real creeper, who is afraid of spontaneous back stabbings by strangers or hit men; So named because of the old days where mafia members never sat at a place in a restaurant where they could be attacked or caught unawares by someone coming in the front door. It has since carried over to the modern day, where it isn't really necessary, (unless you live in a third world country or maybe Iraq or North Korea) but somehow still affects people in all walks of life.
Waitress: "Sir, will this table be alright?"

Creeper: "No... no, let me have that booth that's in the corner...and turn out the light over the table please. I normally eat in the dark."


Waitress to Hostess: "Why didn't you warn me that creep has mafia syndrome?"
by Kivixalla May 22, 2010
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