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N. 1. A person raised Catholic who decides to keep their Catholic status only for cultural/ image reasons.

2. A person who was raised Catholic, but no longer adheres to the church or it's teachings sometimes going as far as to mock it openly while remaining a member.
Terry: I was surprised to find out Martha is Catholic, she supports gay righs and personal freedom.

Daniel: She's not really Catholic, she's a Madonna Catholic.

Devon: What you're doing is a sin, as a good Catholic you can't condone abortion.

Dina: Don't worry about it, I'm a Madonna Catholic.

Back stage manager Trisha: I thought Catholics weren't supposed to eat meat on Fridays?

Madonna: Fuck that wack ass shit! Make me a turkey club, bitch. Madge needs her protein. Pissing off the Pope isn't easy.
by St. Nona October 08, 2008
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