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The best person you'll ever meet, she is absolutely perfect, nobody can compare to how amazing she is. She will do whatever she can to make you happy. She is loyal, funny, entertaining, and beautiful.. she goes through a lot and doesn't like to talk about her probles so please try not to piss her off. She loves twenty one pilots. I personally just love her and shes just perfect nobody will ever be able to strip her away from my heart cause she will stay.. and if you love her don't let her go..she is somebody you'd wanna wake up early for to make them breakfast. Somebody you would write paragraphs and maybe a book for.. shes just the perfect person and you'd be lucky to have her in your life. I know I am
Guy: ey you know Madelin Villavicenvio?
Me: Yea Madelin Villavicencio is perfect
by analbashing October 19, 2015
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