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A specified way of thinking or feeling about someone or something that is portrayed through an individual's behavior.

One inhibited by this "Madditude" commonly utilizes the "fav eva" term, may (at times) be seen as a "hater", applies complete and total sarcasm to their actions and words, probably comes off as cliquey, and pretends to be everyone's "bff" when really he/she is definitely not.
Maddi: You'll never guess who I just saw. I'll give you one clue, he's our "fav eva".
Taylor: Oh god, did he ask what we're doing tonight?
Maddi: Yea...
Taylor: Well what'd you say?
Maddi: Obviously that we're NOT going out, now we have to make sure we don't see them tonight, shit.
Taylor: He's gonna be so pissed.
Maddi: ha it's whatever, he'll get over it...
Taylor: Wow, now that's some serious "Madditude".
by MadditudeismyAditude8 November 12, 2009
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