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MaddiGrace is the nickname for a gorgeous, and stunning girl. They are sweet, funny, and definitely the comedian of her friend group. She has the best heart for animals, and for sure has the prettiest eyes you'll ever see. Boys, if you catch a MaddiGrace prepare to be amazed by every feature! She isn't the tallest, but isn't the shortest either. She drives a really cute car, and is very mature for her age. Almost all the boys wanted her, but she's almost always to busy with sports, or the gym. Not to mention she has at least 3 guy friends. Don't be afraid to ask her out because she'll never cheat. MaddiGrace is trustworthy and loyal, and will never leave you! MaddiGrace is also one of the smartest people you will meet, and loves animals. She is almost absolutely perfect!
Male 1: "Who do you like at the school?"
Male 2: "MaddiGrace. She's so dang pretty."
by Mpg.1717171 March 21, 2017
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