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When you are forced to spend the night playing Madden by yourself, with just the voice of Gus Johnson to keep you comfort. Often this happens when your bro ditches you to go spend time with his girlfriend. It is normal to feel slightly ashamed once you complete a round of Madden-bating.
Zach: Hey man, let's go play some Madden.
Brendan: Nah dude, I gotta go buy some furniture with my girlfriend.
Zach: Oh, damn. Looks like I'm gonna have to go home and Madden-bate all night.
by Antoine_Dodson December 11, 2010
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1. When you choose to spend the night playing Madden by yourself, despite having bros to play with. Chronic Maddenbators often feel slightly ashamed, confused and even gay - These side effects are normal.

2. To self pleasure oneself by performing certain rituals associated with Madden 2017. Often willing to Maddenbate whenever and wherever, at any given time or moment; forsaking all others over their own personal desires.

3. The act of collecting coins.
Nicaragua: Hey dude, you wanna get a game of Madden going?
Matthias: No dude, I gotta get these coins and plus, I just took a melatonin and I have to Maddenbate.
Nicaragua: Are you gay dude?
by Jorge Sandoval March 07, 2017
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