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Madamasselle, is a stupid dumb ass, and has no real definition for anything.
I live next to this man, he is a 27 year old computer geek, who sits and plays Ever Quest all day. He sometimes posts on Urban Dictionary but most of the time you can find him masturbating to some sick japanamation shit. This man is truly pathetic; he has never been to college, still lives with his parents, and has never had sex except once when he got his dick stuck in a coke bottle. True story; the fire department had to come over to his house and get the coke bottle off (but it probably just fell off when he went limp).
In short Madamassele, eat shit and die you fuck!
Your neighbor Chris.
Madamasselle:/ Dang, playing Ever Quest and posting on Urban Dictionary got me really horney. I'm going to have some uber fun having sex with this coke bottle and looking at japanamation on my favorite web site.
Oh hourse-willies I'm stuck again!
by anonymous September 20, 2004
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