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A girl who is very shy and dont talk much, But once you get to know her, she cant stop talking. She dont give a crap about what people think. She likes cats. No question about it. If u say M&M's are better than Skittles to her, well.... lets just say you die. She hasn't had many (cough none cough cough) boyfriends, but she bets they would be very happy with her. When it comes time she will party like no ones business. Most people call her "Maddi"
Madalyn: hey what do you like better, Skittles or M&M's?
Person: Dude, M&M's DUUUUHHH They da best
Madalyn:............... u die............
by TOO LAZY TO ENTER THIS February 28, 2016

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A person who is insane. But very smart. Pretty much a drunk version of Nyan Cat.
Person: Hey NaHee!!
NaHee: (starts singing Nyan Cat theme song)
Person: ....Erm k them.....
by TOO LAZY TO ENTER THIS February 29, 2016

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