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A vey hot yaoi pairing gaining pupularity in the Naruto fandom. It consists of seme, Uchiha Madara, and uke Uchiah Itachi. The pairing is not only a hot incest, but a teacherxstudent relationship. This pairing can be displayed as,

1) pedophilia
2) teacherxstudent (affectionate, but not in love)
3) teacherxstudent (sexual)

Since Madara is Itachi's teacher, this pairing is just damn awesome. Besides, it puts together two of the hottest Uchihas! (MadaIzu is still better, though.) It is, however, unknown when Madara was Itachi's teacher. This leaves fanfiction writers to be creative, hence the pedophilia possibilities.
1) That MadaIta fanfiction was so adorable!

2) Lily's MadaIta pictures are so funny, AND hot!
by Iwa no Deidara December 21, 2009
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