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Also known as Mac Fields, MF, Mac Riot Town, Riot Fields.
Home to over 13,000 'junkies' & other associates, local hang outs include; Glenquarie or "Gleno" to the locals, Macquarie Fields station or "Staysh", the neighbourhood store or "Neighbo", (Old Macquarie Fields) - The top shops, known as Toppies, or then there is THE PUB or the TAB. Post code: 2564.
In Macquarie Fields local bogans &/or junkies usually use the terms...

"Ien goin neighbo brah"
"where ya headed cuz?" 'the pub lad, gone come?'
"come toppies brah"
Local lads like to smoke pot, drink, get into fights & call them selfs "mfbs" - mac fields boys. Most of these hooligans are slow.
Surrounding areas are sometimes hangouts, Mac Sq, Ctown , Minnow brah or Le Burn.
by dataone February 14, 2011
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