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A girl that is ugly, rude, and stabs people in the back. They are wanna be cool people but, are just everything wrong in a girl. They try to get all trending clothes but, just can’t look good in them and make them look 100x worse. Macnien’s are girls who can’t grow up and are hypocrites. Macnien’s are girls that have pimples on their face, and need proactive.
Macnien’s are fake Snakes.
by Theredhandeddonkey May 30, 2018
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Macnien's are tall girls who can be rude and sweet at the same time. Macnien's may have a lot of pimples on face, but is still perfect on the inside. Macnien's are very helpful at some times, but she is very open expressing and not afraid to embarrass herself in front of others. Macnien's are very fashionable and stylish. Macnien's can maybe overreact over some things and can cry over sad things. Macnien's can be a bit mischevios and irresponsible at times, but always comes through at the end.

~a girl I can't live without
Macnien is a sweet generous girl who can be rude and nice at the same time.
by ssolover3 May 05, 2015
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