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- noun

1. A user of Apple Macintosh products who exerts his/her snobby, self-appointed superiority in speech, glances, facial-expressions or general attitude.

a. A type of asshole (v.7)

2. A Mac user who thinks they're better than you because of their electronic consumption habits and lets you know it whenever they can.

3. Anyone with an Apple product (iPhone, iPod, Mac Book, etc.) who bought purely for the *perceived* cool-factor or entertainment value.

a. see also: "sheep" - "lemming"
Person 1: "Hey, I need a hand with this design project. I can't get this file to open properly."

Machole: "Oh, I see your problem. You shoulda bought a Mac."

Person 1: "No, I've done it before, I just don't know why it isn't working right this time."

Machole: "Still. It'd be better on a Mac. I could spend a good 30 minutes telling you why Macs are better, but I gotta get going. See ya later."

Person 1: "What a Machole."
by spicymonkey13 October 26, 2009
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