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One who machine hops, or people at the gym that are really fucking annoying. And all they do is switch to random machines and do 1-3 reps and 1 set. It also sucks working out with them because they keep on bothering you to switch machines to the point where you want to shoot yourself, and they also wonder off when you tell them to spot you. These people are usually weak.
Me: Hey buddy, spot me.
Machine Hopper: Alright.
*wonders off to a different machine
*Bar falls on me and I can't lift it up
Me: Where the fuck are you doing, I told you to spot me!
Machine Hopper: I'm sorry!
*Lifts bar up
Me: Well sorry isn't enough.
*Beats the shit out the machine hopper
*Machine hopper cries and falls off a building
by Petroleum Jelly October 02, 2011
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