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1. (n) A large online community dedicated to talking about Apple and Apple products. Once was a very cool, small site that was very helpful, but has recently turned into a place where teenage asshole newbies roam freely and where "veteran" forum moderators exercise their snark and sarcasm.
-"I'm having trouble with my Mac. Maybe I should post my problem on MacRumors."
-"Save yourself some time and just go to the Genius Bar."
by Charqq July 11, 2009
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False accusations against Macintosh and Apple that uneducated windows users tell to other computer illiterate in efforts to prevent Macintosh from gaining more market share. These things are also said to make Mac users feel dumb, stupid, bad, or snobby. These rumors include but are not limited to:

Macintosh is overpriced/expensive
Macintosh is not compatible with anything that Apple didn't make.
Macintosh computers cannot run games.
Macintosh is less secure.
Macintosh locks you in to using only Apple products
Macintosh does not have any good programs.

None of these rumors are true, and all can be disproved with just a little research. Still, most computer users are too illiterate or stupid to figure anything out for themselves. These users make up 70% of Windows users who are only looking for a cheap computer, resulting in unfair game for Microshit.
Guy1: Once I stopped listening to all the Mac rumors and bought one for myself, I was the happiest computer user on earth.

Guy2: I told you that your other friends have no idea what they're talking about.

Guy1: I know. Thank you so much, I'll never put up with Microshit again.
by KT JDDD January 23, 2011
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