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An affliction that most people, even full-grown adults, suffer from when they receive their first Apple computer. Symptoms of Mac Syndrome include obsessive use of Photobooth and of all its photo-filters, recording videos using the pre-mentioned filters as well, and proceeding to upload every single one to facebook or any other social networking site. While not contagious, it is highly aggrivating, to the point where certain friends of the person may blatantly tell them to stop and shut the fuck up.
Girl: I just got my new iMac! I'm going to invite everyone over and take pictures!

Guy: Awesome, have fun!

*ten thousand PhotoBooth sessions later, all of them uploaded to facebook*

Guy: Oh my god, you've got Mac Syndrome out the ying-yang. Shut the fuck up.
by matthejew September 26, 2009
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