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It's what happens when you get your asshole invaded.
If you got fucked in your ass then you got your mud packed. The person that hit you in your shitter spitter is a mud packer.
by BIG V AKA VOODOO October 25, 2007
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Fecal matter "packed" in and around the anus preventing other matter from passing. There are various ways to remove a mudpack. The two most popular are as follows:
1. Melting the mudpack: If your mudpack is all dried up and crusty, simply use a lighter or a strike anywhere match to melt it away. Beware of the drip!!
2. Icepick & hammer: This is pretty self-explanatory. Simply chisel away the shitty goodness!

Surgeon General's Warning: When melting a serious mudpack, use caution because dingleberries are extremely flammable.
jaay woke up one day with such a serious mudpack that not even a strong laxative could cure.
by Legendary Films September 21, 2004
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When the butt crack of a basketball is dragged down the face of a defender, or team mate as he descends from a dunk.
Did you see the mud pack that Kobe Pryant got when Derrick Rose dunked on him?!!!
by Chocolate Prince November 18, 2011
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Fecal matter smeared around the anus preventing further matter from passing.
jaay woke up one day with such a seriuos mudpack that not even a strong laxative could cure causing his eyes to tear up.
by Jeff September 14, 2003
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