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Meat Spinner Prevention Incorporated (MSPI) is a corporation of people, who do not meat spin others, and try to prevent meat spinning. They have support groups, and oporatives on-call to come help you with any meat spinning prevention emergencies.

Their motto is
"To spin another is quit a blunder,
cuz well kick you're butt, then punch you in the nuts"

To become a full fledged member of the MSPI you must only ask, and then go through testing to make sure you're not part of the NAAMS (National Assosiation for the Advancement of Meast Spinning)

They were founded recently by Thomas Fagan and Carter Bosch. They are dedicated to the eradication of all meat spinning. The official color of the MSPI is maroon.
MSPI operative: "did that kid just try to spin you?"
lady: "sob, yes, sob"
MSPI operative: "don't worry babe, i'll beat his ass bad"
lady: "thank you MSPI!"
by Tfagan November 11, 2007
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