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An acronym made by a mexican teenager in 2009. MS4L is mainly amongst mexican teens in school showing proud mexican pride or rebellion. It isnt racial or violent but it is mainly used to show a pride of all who call themselves MS4L and watch eachothers back and care deeply for the Mexican way of life and culture.

M means "Mexican"
4 means "for"

S means what you represent, but must start with an "S" (i.e-student, star, soldier)
L means "Life".

In brief, a gang of mexicans (mainly teens), but a gang that has no other rivals. It is simply reffered to a group of mexican teens who watch eachothers back and show pride to their culture. There is no racial or violent activity involved. Generally, the members are non violent and show no relations to gang banging or anyother illegal activity whatsoever.
Ricardo is MS4L. He loves to hang with alot of his mexican friends.
by toonman81 December 31, 2009
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