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A dogshit middle school full of braindead thots and ghetto monkeys who enjoy cocks with razor blades on them who also brown nose for clout and try to date eighth graders to get mature dick. Not to mention the influx of moronic assholes from the seventh grade who consistently act hood as fuck despite the fact a sixth grader is about twice the size of them. Moreover, the sixth grade is filled with materialistic hood rats who presumably by the eighth grade will have caught at least one strain of herpes, but not to be foregetful, dont forget about the terrorists and edgy white and hispanic boys who want to be left alone while being picked on by every other grade.
"yo why is derrick such an asswipe?"
"oh he went to MS 101"
"hahah UIM for life lmao"
by FatandDepressed March 19, 2019
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by November 05, 2018
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