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1. The act of trusting, using, or choosing Money over bitches, in the third dimension.

2. Can be used as a team name, given the team is the more stacked team in the league or conference, holding the "Money over Bitches" theme to be true, while the "3D" merely enhances the disparity between that team and all others. Playing a team with this name will definitely result in an MOBN3Ding, or horrific loss.
Tom: Susan just called, but it's more important that I cash this check I got from my roommate for cable.
Joe: She got MOBN3Ded!


All of team MOBN3D's games ended in forfeits, due to the failure of the opposing teams to compete, for fear of getting MOBN3Ded.
by MOBN3Der December 12, 2010
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