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A person who believes that their Hogwarts Letter of Acceptance got lost (or that the owl did on the way), that ninjas are better than pirates and playing with NERF guns is time well spent.

Also, a typical MLIA-er hates all things Twilight, and enjoys dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. They also choose life goals through

MLIA-ers can be found en masse at
Person 1: Dude, did that teacher just make an obscure Harry Potter reference, then shoot us with a NERF gun?!

Person 2: Yeah, he's a MLIA-er for sure.
by FreakedOutGeek April 25, 2011
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Someone who is a dedicated reader of My Life is Average. They are usually also secret ninjas, pretend to be dinosaurs, hate Twilight, have awesome teachers, love stupid moments, have brilliant senses of irony and sarcasm, and are above all, completely average.
True MLIAer stories:

When I was camping with my mom, there was a father and daughter camping next to us. Eventually I heard the dad say to his daughter, "Did you know, that when you close your eyes the stars disappear." The girl looks up, closes her eyes then says, "OH MY GOD THEY DO!!" It seemed to take her a while. This girl was older than I was. MLIA.

Today in technology my friend aimed a drill at me and pulled the trigger. I dramatically fell to the ground dead. So did a random guy passing in the hall. I think I've found my soul-mate. MLIA.

Today, my friends and I were wondering why ninjas and pirates can't peacfully co-exist. Then we wondered what would happen if a ninja was secretly a pirate, or vise versa. Then, my friend brought up the question of what would become of the illegitemate child of a ninja and a pirate's secret love affair -- would it be a pinja? Or a Ninjit? This conversation became rather involved. MLIA
by gamerchic April 28, 2010
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A MLIAer is someone who is a deticated fan of MLIA. They are perhaps the awesomest people to ever surf this web and have very distingishable characteristics:

-they LOVE Harry Potter

-they HATE twilight

-they will forever be on a quest to find Waldo

-They have thing for ninjas

-they obviously agree that Google is far better than Yahoo

-Are quite interesting in random websites such as Cleverbot, weird laws and how many of me.

-They are deticated to make this world a much more average place
"guy 1-Dude, did you see that fort someone build in the wal-mart? They are all camped out in in dressed as wizards while punching an edward shirt! they must be ninjas!
guy 2- nah man, those are MLIAers!"
by MLIA4EVER April 05, 2011
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