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Josh: "Wow, man! That was incredible! I'm blown away!"
Buddy: "Have you been officilly MKed?"
Josh: "I believe I have."
by ciaobuddy2 May 08, 2011
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To be "Mortal Kombated". AS in, punched/kicked/hit/etc. SO HARD that you flip and/or fly through the air, just as an uppercut or roundhouse kick would do in the Mortal Kombat series. Can be used in the same way as owned, pwned, etc.

*break dancer busting moves*
*crowd cheering*
*little girl walks into the dancing field*
*guy pulls off a spinning kick and kicks her so hard she flies through the air, back flipping in the process*
*crowd:* "Oooooh!*

"Damn, she just got MKed!!!"
by Valtiel February 23, 2008
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