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The Fabrique Nationale MK46 is a Light-Machine Platform variant of the M249. Developed to meet the U.S Special Forces requirement of imitating the functionality and reliability of the standard M249.
It is essentially a Belgian oriented, Fully-Automatic Machine Gun utilized for its deadly onslaught of suppressive fire upon a target. The recoil when firing is actually quite low. And with such a high cyclic rate of fire, this weapon is very deadly in Close Quarter Combat(CQC). YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE DOWN RANGE WHEN THIS PLATFORM IS FIRED IN YOUR DIRECTION.
It possesses a forward rail that can accommodate red-dot scopes, laser designators and flashlights. It also accommodates a forward pistol grip and has a detachable titanium bipod.
-Fires the Standard NATO 5.56 x 45mm round.
-Weighs in at 15.44 lbs.
-Overall length is 36.22in.
-Utilizes the 100 round box magazine.
-Fires at roughly 800RPM.
"There is no difference when being hit by either an M249 or MK46. Picture your mid-section struck by approximately 63 of the 100 rounds sent down range in your direction. They are equivalent to M4 Carbine rounds. It feels very uncormfortable. Make sure to surrender when we approach you, do not raise your firearm in our direction."
by 3rd Ranger Battalion March 02, 2009
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