a tech-geek spawnling, it stands for MotherFucker What's In Charge
"Hey Intern! Who's the MFWIC around here?"
"You are, sir!"
"That's right, bi-atch!"
by emily November 10, 2004
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An acronym for ''My face when I cum''
Acronym slang term used for signifying ones face when ejaculating. Related to TFW (that face when), or MFW (my face when), followed by a certain image that is being implied as said acronym
Bill : ''Haha, look at his face!''
Clinton : ''Dude, that's *MFWIC*''
by GreatBigLargeMcHuge October 3, 2017
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Old Boss: who are you?
New Boss: I m someone standing in front of you with a gun in his poket' you can call me Mfwic" moher fucker what's in charge"
by mad_itoxIC August 7, 2012
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