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MESSIAH is a band from Columbus, Ohio commonly known for playing as well as they do on their recordings, live!
Arising in their horrible music scene in late 2008 and early 2009, they took over the metal/death core wheel quicker than any other.

At first the road was bumpy for the boys;The band was constantly losing and swapping members out.When the band first came into the music scene their members were very familiar and also very popular.In the early days the band featured a former player/song writer of The Crimson Armada(MetalBlade Records), Kyle Barrington.

Later down the road they were put to a sudden hiatus.

Members spoke and the hiatus was done.MESSIAH was back with fresh members!Still struggling to keep members though, MESSIAH was on the edge.

In the early summer days of 2009 they parted ways with their second vocalist Nick Davis, and then added their current bassist, Andrew White.

Since the change the band has stayed steady and keeps climbing the metal ladder!

They are without a doubt the best metal/deathcore band in Columbus, Ohio.
Tell me why they aren't signed?
by METALmAfIa January 23, 2010
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