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MCSMICE. Is an acronym for Masters of Ceremonies Mice. Many people simply call them "They," without thinking about who "they" are. "They," are a conspiratory group first referred to as the "military industrial complex," by Dwight Eisenhower. "They" are composed of the Military, Church, State, Media, Industrial, Crime (+ pseudo crime fighting) organizations; after all a supposed enemy is needed- (read Atlas Shruged), and Educational branches, and all of us who are forced to follow these mice-brained paternalistic war mongers. Hence the acronym MCSMICE. MCSMICE is the modern slave master. "They" print up worthless paper and ask us to have faith in it's value. It is a huge pyramid scam (ponzi scheme), we are forced to pass on to our children, (if there will still be children and a planet left). The only thing honest about it is they display this pyramid on the obverse side of their dollar bill. What "they," fail to show is that MCSMICE is all backed by WAR, and their supposed alternative "PEACE," which has lead to WAR more than any other concept. Heads "they" win, tails we loose. We have alternatives. Change the language and concepts we are limited by, and all the rest will follow.

Example. Ed said he was free because he was not in chains. Jean-Jacques Rousseau said "Man is born free yet is everywhere in chains." He also said taxation is worse than slavery. William Blake said, ( paraphrase), "Every is a visionary untill the MCSMICE remove that ability and replace it with dogmaticism and the one eyed sleep of Newton's single eye." He also said, "Art is the tree of life. Science is the tree of death."
by fred ressler November 07, 2006
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