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A clownlike tweaker you'd see on a kid's show. His myspace page online only consists of ghetto terminology, which he uses to cover up being a child molester. Constantly puts off larger tasks, like mass child molesting, to the next day because he always has a number of small tasks everyday. Uses the name "Bounce Chek" because he's poor and spends all his money on crystal meth.
MC Bounce Chek: "Hi kids! Today's word is speed. Does everybody know what speed is?"

Kids: "Yes!"

MC Bounce Chek: "What does it mean? Let's ask this young kid. He's a cutie."

Little Boy: "It's when my mommy and daddy are driving really fast down the road."

MC Bounce Chek: "Incorrect! It's a drug."

Little Boy: "Drugs are bad!"

MC Bounce Chek: "Speed is a good drug. You know the kind of drugs that make you better? You can even bounce around the room when you take speed. Say, little boy would you like to come bounce around in my room?"

Little Boy: "Okay. Bouncing is fun!"

MC Bounce Chek: (speaks with excitement) "Okay, well finish tomorrow! I have other tasks to do right now. But we'll bounce around for 3 days once I get to it."
by Mcchrispeepants May 02, 2006
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