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MC Kwai Chang Cane was possibly the worlds greatest troll.

Posing as a Sickly looking teenage white male who claimed to be a rapper/producer /Kung fu teacher and club security guard.
This was all initially created around a single photo that has now become legendary of a wigger with 80$ And fake chains standing in front of a wall on which nunchaku and other weapons hang.

His career began with the MySpace group wars of the early 90’s when he successfully catfished dozens of people into believing this profile was real.
MC Kwai Chang Cane took this troll/catfish onto many forums including martial arts and rap music where he continued to fool many people into thinking this profile was a real individual. What is left of his original profile is still up on the MySpace website a simple web search may locate clues and episodes of unrivaled hilarity and trolling prowess that included some early social media influencers!
Man that MC Kwai Chang Cane guy has me fooled! I thought his name really was Bruce Leeroy! Have you seen his MySpace profile?
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by BleeYonce July 11, 2021
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