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Marianel is a beautiful , smart , non jealous , independent female who won'tbe friends with FAKE people usually loves her significant other but yet acts shy but if you are patient and Marianel gets used to you she will be herself around you. She doesn't judge like an Ashley. Marianel is a hot Latina with a huge ass. She doesn't fall in love easy and is usually a May baby. Don't get involved with a Marianel her anger is almost as big as her ass. Marianel is a person that falls into drama quickly she doesn't try to get away from drama she usually chases it and when Marianel hears that a person is talking about her she pops of and wants to hit, scream ,or fight that person. Marianel is usually a person that has a small circle. Who doesn't love a Marianel?
Omg she acts like a Marianel
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