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A secret society of men who in the normal course of life exude extreme masculine traits - whether desirable or not. These men truly believe that expressing these extreme macho, testosterone behaviors will quell their own insecurities. Metro-sexual men are banned from this society. You can tell a card holding "Man Clan" member by his disdain for the color pink, total avoidance of restaurants that serve quiche, the empty beer cans rolling around the bed of their truck, the implementation of "booger shooting" i.e. holding one nostril and rapidly exhaling through the nose instead of using a kleenex, the layer of grease under their nails, and the over-sized off road vehicles, not to mention the fact that they go out of their way to themselves and others to "prove" that they are the ultimate in masculinity. They will totally embrace irrational stubborn stupidity to preserve their man clan status.
Egregious acts of kindness, sensitivity, house cleaning, cooking, will ban a Man-Clan member for life. This ceremony involves the member to be dressed in pink, and the traditional burning of the "Man Clan Card".
by beentheredonehim June 22, 2010
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