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Noun \ˈmā-nē-ˌak\

1 - A resident of Maine.

2 - A resident of Maine driving in Massachusetts at a VERY high rate of speed.

3 - A resident of Maine driving ANYWHERE in the continental United States at a VERY high rate of speed.
How to call someone a MAINEack:

"Look at this MAINEack, I'm doin' 90 and this kid passes me like I'm standing still. That's wickid ahhsome kid!"

"Wahtch out kid, thah's a MAINEack closing in on us wickid fast."

A MAINEack in action:

"Jesus Mary and Joseph, it's gettin wicked late and I need to get to Glostah by nine 'o' clawk to pick up some Lobstah befah... OH Gahd damn it! Keep right n pass left yah frickin MASSHOLE! Frickin masshole keeps speeding up to 85 when there's no frickin traffic, then slows down to 60 frickin miles an owah in the left lane. I'll show him nawt to fuck with Mainers!!! To the breakdown lane, ready the nitrus!"
by Sly Barker February 14, 2014
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