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(n): abbreviation for my adorably dorky friend.
1. Used for a friend that you hold in a 'special' light-- either because your friend is cute but particularly nerdy, or because your friend's strangeness is over-the-top. Regardless, this is someone who is an intelligent friend.

2. This is a friend with whom you are social, but who may be mildly to moderately socially awkward.
"Please don't talk about any of the bad decisions we made last night that were questionably illegal or generally frowned upon in front of MADF."
"I'm speaking with MADF online. I have no idea what the last 5 consecutive paragraphs, all sent by MADF in under 2 minutes, are referring to."
"You would never know that she is MADF since she is a solid 9 or 10 and has superbly slutty dancing abilities."
by BunnnnnY November 21, 2011
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Stands for Main Adult Detention Facility, or in lamest terms, Jail. Normally a secure complex composing of Minimum, Medium, and Maximum security-risk inmates.

Max. security inmates are normally locked in their cell for 23 hours of the day and have minimal if any privlages.

Minimum security inmates have all privlages, are out of their cell for most of the day (if they are even housed in a cell), may leave the jail to pickup trash on the side of the road, and can even make free phone calls at times.
As soon as I was classified as a minimum security inmate I was transfered from the MADF to a work farm and left during the days to pickup trash, clean up parks, and chop down trees. Much better than sitting in a cell all day and getting into gang related fist fights.

We were housed in a big room full of bunk beds, or racks, had a tv with HBO and 200+ chanels. We watched every episode of Breaking Bad and Dexter.
by Gsxrkidd November 05, 2010
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