she’s probably short but absolutely gorgeous, although she doesn’t know it. a christian and opinionated person. she’s not afraid to say what she actually thinks and is herself around everyone although she does care what they think of her. often left out for no reason, even in her family. always make sure she’s okay and give her a hug, even if she resists, sometimes she needs it. her best friends name is probably aubrie
by depressedweasel September 13, 2020
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Mia is a really sweet girl who has an amazing personality. She is very VERY cute and bassicly everything she does is super loveable. She is a great friend and maybe if your lucky, a better girlfriend
I don't need to write an example for Mia she's really adorable
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by Penguin527 November 27, 2020
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The greatest girl a guy could ever meet. She is very kind and has a great personality!! Mia also has a fat beautiful ass. Payton loves Mia too.
Boy 1 (Payton): god Mia is so great
by Qfzx November 10, 2020
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Mia will be the sweetest, smartest, funniest girl you will ever meet. She will be such a cute and positive girl on the outside but on the inside is family problems or any other sort of personal problems. She loves laughing and is always lovable! ❤️ She makes a good bestfriend and an epic love partner. Whenever you are sad she will cheer you up, whenever you are mad she will find out why and try to help. If people are making fun of you she isn’t afraid to fight back to defend you! Overall Mia’s are just such beautiful and sweet girls that will cheer you up. ( love you mia’s 🥰💕
Boy one: Is that Mia-
Boy two: Yeah everyone loves her she’s so positive and happy-
by Xeld_a February 09, 2021
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Mia can be such an independent woman or girl. but is you get her mad then you should pray. But Mia only has one special friend which is a Maya or other. Mia is such an important person to many. but Mia is a drop dead gorges person. she is so so kind and nice. many many guys hit on her. and will ask for her number.
Guy #1. who is that drop dead gorges girl??
Guy#2. oh... thats Mia

Guy#1. dang ima ask for her number
Guy#2. ya dud go for it.
by January 08, 2021
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mia is a hot cute girl with blue and black hair with blue eyes she is so hot and everyone loves her and falls in love with her instantly all she might be annoying sometimes but she’s so funny and her jokes are hilarious!! if u have a mia as a friend keep her forever becuase she is gold🙏🏻🙏🏻😍
wow mia is so funny! i wish i was her”
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by miaishotandfunny January 18, 2021
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