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The abbreviation of the phrase Mental Shift.

An M-Shift, or mental shift, is a therianthrope-related occurence wherein a therian feels their mindset, or current mentality, becomes that of their phenotype, or animal.

An M-Shift may be brought upon by many environmental and/or sensory factors, such as weather, certain people, smell, sound, taste, etc.

How intensely an m-shift is felt, and how long they last, vary from therian to therian.

See also: P-Shift, Astral Shift, Suntherian Shift, and Phantom Limbs.
I had an M-Shift about a week back; my first in quite some time.
by Winter Paws January 17, 2007
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Furrys believe the have mental shifts into whatever animal, dragon, amphibian or whatever crazy stupid shit whack job furrys believe in. Has nothing to do with normal people.

Batshit insane if you ask me. Yiff in hell furfags!
Today I went to the dentist's office and experienced an involuntary M-Shift, being aware the whole time. I began growling and biting down on her tools, spooking the poor human quite a bit with my wolfish antics. I enjoyed it though.
by Yiff in hell December 22, 2008
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Short for "mental shift." This is a term therianthropes and otherkin who wish to make excuses for their sometimes bizarre and animalistic behavior use to avoid taking responsibility for their actions; they believe that by claiming that they've "mentally shifted" into their spirit's supposed true form that they should receive pity no matter what they do.
I didn't mean to go on a murderous rampage on the full moon. Please excuse me: I m-shifted into a werewolf mentality and I couldn't help myself!
by Puffing Tom July 14, 2010
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