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The abbreviation of the phrase Mental Shift.

An M-Shift, or mental shift, is a therianthrope-related occurence wherein a therian feels their mindset, or current mentality, becomes that of their phenotype, or animal.

An M-Shift may be brought upon by many environmental and/or sensory factors, such as weather, certain people, smell, sound, taste, etc.

How intensely an m-shift is felt, and how long they last, vary from therian to therian.

See also: P-Shift, Astral Shift, Suntherian Shift, and Phantom Limbs.
I had an M-Shift about a week back; my first in quite some time.
by Winter Paws January 17, 2007
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The abbreviation of Physical Shift.

In theory, a P-Shift would include any physical change from a therian to that of their phenotype, or animal.
However, as there are no documented cases of people physically becoming animals, P-Shifts are fantasy and nothing more.

See also: M-Shift, Astral Shift, and Phantom Limbs.
She claims to P-Shift? Pfft, just ignore her.
by Winter Paws January 17, 2007
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An ailuranthrope is a feline-specific therianthrope or therian. The term is derived from two Greek words; "ailouros" meaning cat, and "anthropinos" meaning human.

Examples of typical ailuranthropes would include a lion therianthrope, a clouded leopard therianthrope, or a panther therianthrope.
I'm a jaguar therian, but I prefer to be called an ailuranthrope.
by Winter Paws January 16, 2007
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The shortened term for otherkin.
Him? Oh, yeah, he's 'kin.
by Winter Paws January 17, 2007
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'Kin to the Other is a phrase that was coined by Jarandhel Dreamsinger as a reforming of the increasingly popular term Otherkin. The two terms are essentially equivalent, although they have somewhat different focuses.
While the term Otherkin has come to accentuate a disassociation with ones' humanity (albeit unintentionally), 'Kin to the Other was created in order to show that a connection to humanity isn't completely nonexistent within the Otherkin community.

In some places, 'Kin to the Other has come to show a sort of Holier-then-Thou attitude. However, in other places, Otherkin has come to show a general immaturity.
It's a no win situation, essentially.
She's 'Kin to the Other.
by Winter Paws January 16, 2007
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