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1. verb- describing a lack of spelling ability.

2. adjective/noun- to describe/or One who is obsessed with mammaries.

3.noun - a person who surfs the internet all day looking up inside wrestling information or searching for pictures of barely legal (or illegal) girls, while possibly trying to make bad jokes no one gets or can comprehend.
1. You really M@tted up your spelling quiz, you only got a 2 out of 100 correct.

2. You have a M@tt mindset, thinking that that women's wrestling match was highly athletic because of their breast sizes.

3. You silly M@tt you, I don't want pictures on "Lendsei Loohan in mEan Girlz" nor do I want to know how "Ray Misteriero si using his pouwer win mtach bakstage, at last weak's show".
by Timbucktoo September 02, 2006
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