'''Mason Wise'''

== Phase 1 YOuth ==

Mr. Wise was born in 1782 on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. While there, he loved goffers. he was raised by the notorious poopy bird. He loved dandilions, which inspired his grammy award winning book, dandilion hoppings.

== Phase 2: The Jetsons and Clamidia ==
After leaving the island on a small sail boat, he went to audition for the Jetsons tv show. He did not make it. The next day, each Jetson was found dead. Police are still looking for suspects. After accidently falling into a volcano, he met his lover, Gina Clamidia.
Unfortunately, she died. He left the volcano.
He found a strange monkey in a tree, and it told him, "You will right a song about Harold the monkey, so he can finally get some." Mr Wise wrote the song, but Harold never got some. After accidentaly walking into a power plant, he fell into a bowl of nuclear nachos and found he had super powers, the power to be gay!!! But then he realized, it was just the cocaine.

== Phase 3: snafu ==
Wise tried to become a UFC fighter, but he was kicked out when he tried to do a wet willy to Jack black. Then some fans of his song "harold the monkey, come give him some" came to start a band with him. It sucked. then he tried to be the stand in for charlie brown on the christmas special, but he was kicked off for being a puppy puncher. he realized he sucked at music and acting, so he stole some gold from his best friends wife and sold it to cash for gold.com. From this he got $7.48, a free taco at taco john's, and a date with the six flags old guy. He realized that Gina Clamidia wasnt the love of his life, this old dude was, at least thats what he thought until the old guy stole his free taco.

== Things get better ==
not really

== Phase3.5 ==
he realized his life sucked, but then something happend!

== Phase 4!!!!! ==
he saw something he hadnt seen in years, a dandelion! he forgot how much he loved them, so it inspired him to write a book, which he titled "Dandelion Hoppings". It sold millions.

== Phase 5 ==
He lives with his pet rabbit mr. ralphie in st. louis. He is currently working on the sequal to his book, "Dandelion Hoppings 2: Plunder!".
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by the notorious poopy bird June 29, 2009
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