The "street name" for the south Edmonton neighborhood: Milbourne. M Blocc is known for its high Somali, Sudanese, and middle eastern population primiarily Afghan and Pakistani. This neighborhood is known for its high number of housing projects and as a result is crime infested. When talking to a kid from M Blocc you can feel the middle eastern and somali influence in the way he/she talks as they tend to mix arabic, somali, and english. Wallahi is the most used word in these ends.
warya lets fawad to M blocc we finna ball up heavy tonight wallahi
Dont mess with him, hes from M Blocc hes gonna pull up with 40 malis and pakis
by topmali April 8, 2019
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Gang from West Yorkshire, associated with over 200 deaths with the co leader "fish dick" this gang is the most dangerous gang in Europe
by Helix 6.5 December 20, 2017
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