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Lynette's Syndrome:

A neurological condition in women which over the years results in a complete void of empathy, and/or civil behaviour towards others, in an individual. The patient often covets ownership of even the most remedial tasks, despite being unable or unwilling to perform them when required to.

Not to be confused with Tourette's Syndrome, an altogether different affliction which frequently occurs simultaneously.

- Example -

Did you remember to pick me up a six-pack of beer like you said you would?

Did I what? I can't be expected to do everything around here, regardless of whether I said I would or not! Its not my responsibility, I just like to pretend it is. But you're not allowed to do it either! Im telling!

Telling who? Calm down you crazy whore - what's your problem? Have you got Lynette's syndrome or something?

by AaronHatesMommy February 25, 2009
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